La Voz de Amor


Alfredo E. Cardena's presentation "La Voz de Amor"is about his book titled "La Voz de Amor" and it is a compilation of poems that the author's father wrote. Mr. Cardenas will talk about the journey in finding those poems and putting them in a book form to preserve them for future generations.



Alfredo Cardenas is an author, blogger, and retired newsman. He also was Mayor of San Diego Texas at one point.


La Voz de Amor

Intro Dialogue (0:08)

Introduction to The Book (3:08)

The Cardenas Family Genealogy (5:39)

Servando's Journey to The U.S. (14:38)

Starting La Voz and His Poems (19:02)

Poemas de Amor Romantico (26:24)

Poemas de Amor Familiar (28:28)

Poemas de Amor Patriotico (32:07)

Poemas de Amor Cultural (34:24)

Poemas de Amor Spiritual (40:38)

Final Words (42:27)