How to Use the Monterrey Online Archives


Listen to Moises Garza's presentation titled "How to Use the Monterrey Online Archives". In this online course members of Las Villas del Norte will learn about the Monterrey Online Archives, the record collections that it contains, and the tools and books you will need to find your ancestor in them.


Monterrey Archives

Monterrey Archives Index


Moises Garza has been doing Genealogy since 1998 and DNA research since 2015. He is also the creator of We Are Cousins, Mexican, and Las Villas del Norte.


How to Use the Monterrey Online Archives

Intro Dialogue (0:08)

What are the Monterrey Archives (2:35)

How to Access the Monterrey Online Archives (4:35)

Quick Overview of Archive Website (6:34)

The Three Most Valuable Collections (9:20)

Online Index to the Archives (11:30)

Books to Help You Find Records (14:33)

Example 1 – Finding the 1626 Census of Monterrey (17:45)

Example 2 – Finding the Will of Juan Bautista Chapa (23:11)

Recap and Ending Comments (28:32)