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Presentation “The Militarization of the Texas – Mexican Border 1910 – 1920”

The Militarization of the Texas - Mexican Border 1910 - 1920

Come and listen to Beatrice de Leon Edwards present "The Militarization of the Texas - Mexican Border 1910 - 1920". Learn of the events that lead to this militarization and get an idea of how your ancestors might have had been impacted by it. This presentation will be excellent for any family historian, genealogist, or History buff.

The presentation will

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Presentation “Two Countries One Lie”

Presentation "Two Countries One Lie"

Come and listen to Jose Sierra's presentation "Two Countries One Lie". Mr. Sierra will talk about the various treaties between Mexico and the United States and of the injustices done to Tejanos by both the Mexican and American governments. This historical/heritage presentation is a must for anyone whose ancestors lived in Texas.

Joe Sierra's presentation is usually two and a

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Presentation “La Voz de Amor”

Presenatation La Voz de Amor

Come and listen to Alfredo E. Cardena's presentation "La Voz de Amor". His presentation is about his book titled "La Voz de Amor" and it is a compilation of poems that the author's father wrote. Mr. Cardenas will talk about the journey in finding those poems and putting them in a book form to preserve them for future generations.


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