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Presentation “Conversos: A Secret Past”

Conversos_ A Secret Past

Come and listen to Maria Theresa Hernandez PhD presentation "Conversos: A Secret Past". For some families, identity contains a hidden surprise.

One of the earliest groups of crypto-Jews, or conversos, was brought to North America by Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva in the 16th century and populated northern Mexico and southern Texas. Some abandoned allegiance to Judaism, gradually

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Presentation “Nuevo Santander Roots”

Nuevo Santander Roots

Join us for a presentation by Manuel Hinojosa on Nuevo Santander Roots. This presentation depicts important seventeenth and eighteen century leaders and their families. Mr. Hinojosa will share his travels on the same caminos taken by these early pioneers to New Spain and the early settlements in Nuevo Leon. The time line of two hundred years ends with the establishment

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Presentation “Making Sense of Endogamy and its Effect in our DNA”

Making Sense of Endogamy and its Effect in our DNA

Come and listen to Moises Garza present "Making Sense of Endogamy and its Effect in our DNA". Endogamy is the tendency of intermarrying within a close-knit society. Moises will provide some examples of his own ancestors and explain as to how it effects his and your DNA cousin matches estimates. This presentation will include great genealogical information as well as

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Presentation “The Militarization of the Texas – Mexican Border 1910 – 1920”

The Militarization of the Texas - Mexican Border 1910 - 1920

Come and listen to Beatrice de Leon Edwards present "The Militarization of the Texas - Mexican Border 1910 - 1920". Learn of the events that lead to this militarization and get an idea of how your ancestors might have had been impacted by it. This presentation will be excellent for any family historian, genealogist, or History buff.

The presentation will

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Presentation “Two Countries One Lie”

Presentation "Two Countries One Lie"

Come and listen to Jose Sierra's presentation "Two Countries One Lie". Mr. Sierra will talk about the various treaties between Mexico and the United States and of the injustices done to Tejanos by both the Mexican and American governments. This historical/heritage presentation is a must for anyone whose ancestors lived in Texas.

Joe Sierra's presentation is usually two and a

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