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Recap of Presentation “El Diezmero de Reynosa Don Vicente Lopez de Herrera”

Recap of Presentation El Diezmero de Reynosa Don Vicente Lopez de Herrera

Author Roberto Herrera Ritte presented, for Las Villas del Norte, his historical and biographical novel on one of his own ancestors "El Diezmero de Reynosa Don Vicente Lopez de Herrera". As he mentioned, the novel is the result of his many genealogical investigations.


If you are interested in genealogy, family history, and or are looking for a great novel

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Recap of Presentation “Census Data: A Genealogist Valued Resource”


The presentation by Las Villas del Norte member Susana Guerra Privett present "Census Data: A Genealogist Valued Resource" was outstanding. Susana will talked about the Census Bureau, data collection, surveys and census, frequently asked questions, availability of data and common terms used.

Here is the Outline of the Video and What to Expect

Intro Dialogue - Just a quick introduction

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