Cavazos Family History

Cavazos Family History: Discoveries From 40 Years Research

In this presentation "Cavazos Family History: Discoveries From 40 Years Research" Robert Cavazos presents a small branch of a large family tree that goes all the way to the first Cavazos (Captain Juan Cavazos) in New Spain. You will also learn about the many interesting items he has found such as the largest land grant (San Juan de Carricitos) awarded by the King of Spain, to tragedies such as murder, kidnapping by Indians, infancy deaths, etc. In this presentation, he also provides information from the various families’ cemeteries, cattle brands and a collection of old family pictures. .

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3 thoughts on “Cavazos Family History: Discoveries From 40 Years Research

  1. Congratulations to Mr Cavazos for his presentation! I live 20 minutes away from Glenn Rose , is a beautiful town and they also have the Brazos River , Dinosaur trials and a Wild life conservation place. I found an antique book store there the last time that I visited the town square. I didn’t buy any book though.

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