Conversos A Secret Past

Conversos: A Secret Past

One of the earliest groups of crypto-Jews, or conversos, was brought to North America by Luis de Carvajal y de la Cueva in the 16th century and populated northern Mexico and southern Texas. Some abandoned allegiance to Judaism, gradually losing knowledge of their Jewish identity. Others held on to their beliefs and traditions, making modifications in forms of worship. Discover how families are uncovering centuries of secrets and redefining their cultural and ethnic identity today.

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  1. I log in. I click on CONVERSOS: A SECRET PAST. I click on VIEW PRESENTATION. It takes me back to this page. I have been going around in this circle for the last 15 minutes. I still have not seen the presentation. I have watched your “how to” support video but that did not help. Also, I don’t think I got the e-mail with the link you mentioned above. Can you please send it again. I especially want to see the CONVERSOS video, the Tamaulipas Video and the Burgos video. Irma Cantú Jones

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