Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Last Names of Nuevo Leon

Listen to Moises Garza present his book series "Last Names of Nuevo Leon". In it he will talk about the progenitors of the surnames: Benavides, Chapa, De Leon, Garza, Hinojosa, Montemayor, Sepulveda, Treviño, and Villarreal. He will also explain how you can use these books to help you in your genealogy research.

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8 thoughts on “Last Names of Nuevo Leon

  1. ROBERT BAZAN says:

    In Mexico, My Bazan ancestors married into the Albornoz,, de Tapia, Castro, Carvajal, Lobato, Alvarez,
    Velazquez, Verdugo, Herrera, de Vargas, Cortez, & Trujillo families. In New Mexico, we married into the Gutierres. Martin, Lucero de Godoy, Cabeza de Vaca (Baca)), Gonzales, Serrano, Sabedra, Gallegos,
    Candelaria Hurtado, Garcia de Noriega, Duran y Chavez, Bohorquez,, Robledo, Luna, Ledesma,
    Montoya, Ortega, Salazar, etc, 38 of the most important Conquistador families,,,,, AS they have done for a 1000 years, I descend from Don Alvaro de Bazan, 1st Marquez de Santa Cruz and to this very day my family is still in contact with our distant Spanish cousins the Silva- Bazans (Marquez de Santa Cruz and Dukes of San Carlos, ),,,Two Dukes of Alburquerque were Bazans….. Unfortunately I fall short of our illustrious history… I have my entire family tree Bazans and my Jane Lawrence Giddings back to the 7th & 6th centuries,
    All except, 159-200 years when my family migrated to Puebla. I would love to find out how my great great Grandfather Don Ygnacio Ricardo Bazan y Lobato became a Master Weaver. The Viceroy summoned him from Puebla to Santa Fe to teach weaving to the young, Upon his arrival, he married Dona Juana Apolonia
    Gutierrez, daughter of Clemente Gutierrez’s son Lorenzo. Clemente was called the “Sheep King”..He had over 200,000 sheep and was known as the richest man in New Mexico. My grandfather was a 4th generation New Mexico politician.

    • You have quite an extensive tree; so much information.

      I, too, have Bazan in my family via my maternal grandfather’s maternal line. I have only reached back to early-mid 1800’s, to my 3x great grandmother, Ursula Bazan, parents and siblings, being the only amateur genealogist in my family is taking a little longEr; slowly, but surely.

      I have also met, through Ancestry, other Bazan family members through my same line. Always such a pleasure meeting one more!

  2. I have been researching my husband’s heritage for 2 years now and having no luck finding his native American tribe. I have been enrolled in ancestry and joined here for perhaps more information. They originate from Sonora Mexico area. Suggestions?

  3. My 3rd Great Grandfather was Ignacio (Ygnacio) Galindo. His son, Froylan Galindo, was born in Garcia, Nuevo Leon, about 1848. We don’t have a lot of information about Ygnacio, but it appears that Froylan Galindo and his wife Felicitas Trevino lived in Garcia, Nuevo Leon in the 1870’s. Perhaps you can consider this ‘apellido’ in your study of last names of Nuevo Leon.

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