Overview of FamilyTreeDNA

Overview of FamilyTreeDNA

Presentation providing a full overview of FamilyTreeDNA. It will provide you with an inside look of what you will get when you test with FTDNA.

  • Intro Dialogue (0:00)
  • Quick  to FamilyTreeDNA (2:16)
  • The three DNA tests offered by FTDNA (6:16)
  • Now what? What is your Goal? (12:05)
  • What you get with their FamilyFinder test (14:12)
  • What you get with their Y-DNA test (21:54)
  • What you get with their mtDNA test (27:31)
  • Your Family Tree at FTDNA (31:40)
  • My Groups (37:01)
  • Changing your Settings (38:16)
  • Questions and Answers (40:04)


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