PARES Portal de Archivos Españoles

PARES Portal de Archivos Españoles

Listen to Moises Garza present on PARES the portal to Spanish archives. Moises shows on how to do searches and browse PARES online collections. Moises will also show several documents that he has found through PARES.

  • Intro Dialogue (0:11)
  • What is PARES? (3:50)
  • Searching PARES (6:49)
  • Browsing PARES (8:52)
  • Documents that I Have Found (10:02)
  • Problems with PARES (17:19)
  • Portal to European Archives (18:00)
  • Ibero-American Migratory Movements (21:00)
  • Additional Comments and Tips on Using PARES (23:00)


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