Using Church Records to Find Your Ancestors

Using Church Records to Find Your Ancestors

Here is the video of the presentation that Moises made for Las Villas del Norte. He provided an overview of Las Villas del Norte and it’s benefits and also he talked about Using Church Censuses to Find Your Ancestors.

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  1. Marisol Villarreal

    Hi I’m trying to find information on my grandmother her name is Elvira Garcia I think she was born 1887,she got pregnant at 15,she was kicked out and papers taken away.she ended having kids with Bernardino Villarreal one son Jose Villarreal June 2 1924 he married Ramona oralia Lozano on 10/24/1945. Jose had 3 sisters, Diosinia Villarreal de moreno, adela villarreal,and in the settlement of the island I know he was mention as part of the desendants. Can you please help me find more info about her.thank you

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