Why You Should Use a Computer Program to Manage Your Tree

Why You Should Use a Computer Program to Manage Your Tree

If you are still managing your family tree with pen and paper and or another system to manage it then this presentation is perfect for you. Learn first hand how software can make you more efficient and help you find ancestors faster.

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Use a Computer Program to Manage Your Tree

  1. Jess Zavala says:

    I was doing a genealogy research of my complete family for 20+ years. This was on a software application that ran on Windows 7 (?) k. I had 1,000s of names and dates. Then Window 10 came along and killed all my data. I can recover some of it if I want to spend the money. I saved the recovery file to the new software company but I know it will not export all the information I had stored. I converted to Apple and searched Apple apps that can use genealology data files. Reviews on most of them say that when the apps update to new versions, you lose the data and have to reimport the data all over again. What the apps do not include is where you got the data from (unless you put it in the notes), explain differences in dates, names, etc (unless you put it in notes) or background history (unless you put it in the notes). With so much data in the notes, you lose a lot of info. I am not going to let that happen again. I started over using a 2nd cousin’s pedigree notes, and put it on Pages (no data will be lost for each Pages revision). Big problems that I have seen in my new investigation: Names, dates, are not easy to find because people lie, especially Mejicanos. Census information changes from one to another: names, nicknames, ages, places of birth, I have proof of some Gutierrez’ from Revilla changing information every census. But I digress…..
    Jess zavala jazhtz@yahoo.com

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