Census Data: A Genealogist Valued Resource


Listen to Las Villas del Norte member Susana Guerra Privett present "Census Data: A Genealogist Valued Resource". Susana will talk about the Census Burea, data collection, surveys and census, frequently asked questions, availability of data and common terms used.



Susana Guerra Privette has been working with he Census Bureau for the past 18 years.


Census Data: A Genealogist Valued Resource

Intro Dialogue (0:08)

Census Mission (1:11)

What We Do (2:08)

Services We Offer (3:13)

Start of Census (3:56)

Genealogy Resources (4:39)

Census Data Privacy (5:10)

Census Schedules (7:10)

Number of Census Questions (8:41)

Getting Started (13:29)

Enumeration Districts (15:20)

Census.gov (25:41)

Age Search Service (29:10)

Census History Page (32:00)

National Archives (36:33)

Tips for Censuses (41:28)

My Search (42:28)

Final Comments (51:40)