Las Villas del Norte DNA Project


Las Villas del Norte is the name for the towns founded circa 1750 by Jose Escandon along the Rio Grande River in Nuevo Santander of New Spain. These consist of the Villas of Camargo, Reynosa, Revilla, Mier, Laredo, and Dolores. The lists of original settlers are well documented and present a ready opportunity to connect descendants who wish to know their ancestry, paths of migration, and DNA origins. Descendants are concentrated and dispersed from this region to other areas of South Texas, Northeast Mexico and beyond. Regarding DNA, there is an avid interest to bring a more specific focus to specifically address this group. We believe FamilyTreeDNA provides the right platform to deliver these services.

Goals of This Project

1. Group people whom have tested with FTDN into a group whom have ancestry in linked to Las Villas del Norte founding Families.

2. Identify participants whom have tested their Y-DNA and traced their paternal lineage to founding families or early settlers of any of Las Villa del Norte.​

3. Identify participants whom have tested their mtDNA and traced their maternal lineage to founding families or early settlers of any of Las Villa del Norte.​

Primeros Pobladores:

Even though the above mentioned goals are our priority, we are particularly interested in finding the DNA and documenting the lineages of the early settlers of Las Villas del Norte since almost all of us are descendants of these men and women.

Project Managers:

Project and Group Administrator: Mario Davila​ - Send Message

Ancestors of Interest​:

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PDF Reports of Ancestors 10 Generations or More


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Please NOTE:

This project is in it's infancy and anything on this page is prone to change., but don't worry the changes we are talking about would be to make this project even better.