How to Easily Find Ancestors in the Civil and Protocolos Sections of the Monterrey Historical Archives

Las Villas del Norte could have had never been founded without Monterrey. Many of our ancestors were born and bred there. They followed the call of Jose de Escandon and were among the first settlers of what is now Laredo, Guerrero, Mier, Camargo, and Reynosa.

They created and forged a life for themselves and that of their children. We now days have traced their genealogies back to Nuevo Leon, the old Nuevo Reino de Leon, and my good friend Mario Davila is now trying to trace their DNA with his project "Las Villas del Norte DNA Project".

I know that you as well as I have done, have found information about our ancestors in the various books that are out there about the Civil and Protocol records of the archives of Monterrey.

As you may already be aware these archives are now online.

They are available now. You can read an article that I recently published in my blog titled "The Historical Archives of Monterrey are Now Online".

As I mention in that article it is very difficult to locate our ancestors due to the search functionality not being able to provide significant results. The online collection has about 26 collections.

In the video below I will show you how to do research on the Civil and The Protocolos sections using previously published books for both collections.

Here is the video. Enjoy.

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