Laredo, Texas (Genealogy and History)

Welcome to the Laredo, Texas (Genealogy and History) page.

The purpose of this page is to provide you with resources so that you can better research your ancestors that might have at one point settled and or lived in Laredo, Texas.

Resources on this page cover the years 1750's to present.

Historical Overview

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Books About Laredo

The following are books that are available on Amazon and are about genealogy or the history of Laredo. I also included the names of out of print books and a few links to eBooks available on the internet.

The following are out of print books that you can look for in a library using

  • San Agustin Parish of Laredo Marriage Book I 1790 - 1857
  • San Agustin Parish of Laredo Marriage Book II 1858 - 1881
  • Dolores, Revilla, and Laredo - Three Sister Settlements
  • Los Uribe de Laredo, Revilla, y San Ygnacio 1667 - 1919
  • Origen de los Fundadores de Laredo
  • Tomas Sanchez y La Fundacion de Laredo

The following are eBooks that you can read for free online.

Early Settlers of Laredo

The following are the families that we have researched so far for Laredo. This list will grow as we continue to do research on this early settling families.

Our Heritage Certificates

If you can trace your ancestry to any of the families listed above and can prove it with documentation then you qualify for our First Families Certificate.

Genealogy Records For Laredo

The following are Record collections that are available for free at FamilySearch.

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