Las Villas del Norte Newsletter Volume 2 Issue 4

Our fourth and final newsletter for the year 2016 is out and you can get it here for free if you are a member of Las Villas Del Norte.

Make sure to download your very own copy and save it to your digital archives or library.

Also you are more than welcome to submit articles for our next newsletter.

Don't forget to check our our archives to download our previous newsletters.


Table of Contents for This Newsletter:

1. From the Editor Pg 1
2. New Members to Las Villas del Norte Pg 2
3. Questions for Our New Members Pg 3
4. Member Emails Pg 5
5. Our Meetings Pg 5
6. Calendar of Future and Past Presentations Pg 6
7. Past Presentations for 2016 Pg 7
8. Past Presentations for 2015 Pg 7
9. Our Last Three Presentations Pg 8
10. In the Works Pg 9
11. Nacimientos de Personas con los Apellidos Cano y Cantu en Reynosa Tamaulipas 1800 – 1930 Pg 10
12. Descendants of Jose Nicolas Gonzalez and Ana Josefa Garcia Pg 11
13. Early Settlers of Revilla: Tomas Cuellar and Maria Martinez Pg 16
14. Early Settlers of Revilla: Jose Marcelino Treviño and Maria Isabel Treviño Pg 17
15. Death Index of Cano, Peña, Flores, Cantu, and Chapa In Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico Pg 20
16. Early Settlers of Mier: Jose Lazaro Vela and Maria Antonia Garcia Pg 20

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