La Villa de Mier

The Villa de Mier, present day Mier Tamaulipas was founded by Jose de Escandon the sixth of March 1753. In this page you will find it's early settling families prior to 1770.

​The following is a list of early families of Mier prior to 1770. If you are a descendant of any of the couples mentioned here you may qualify for a Las Villas del Norte First Families Heritage Certificate.

Mier Settlers Prior to 1770

Listed on:

Alanis, Jose and Maria Guadalupe (no last name)

Alvino, Jose Manuel and Juana Montalvo

Barrera, Tomas (widow)

Bazan, Joaquin and Manuela Gonzalez

Bazan, Jose and Ana Salinas

Bosque, Manuel del (single)

Chapa, Jose Florencio and Maria Margarita Pena - View Family

Farias, Ascencio (widow)

Garcia, Alejandro and Maria Vela

Garcia, Alfonso and Tomasa de la Garza

Garcia, Andres and Clara Farias

Garcia, Antonio and Maria Benavidez

Garcia, Diego and Maria Salinas

Garcia, Gaspar and Maria Gertrudis (no last name)

Garcia, Luis and Tomasa Solis

Garza, Juan de Dios and Maria Ramirez

Gonzalez, Francisco and Francisca Salinas

Gonzalez, Nicolas and Ana Josefa Garcia - View Family

Guajardo, Ana Maria (widow)

Guerra, Francisco and Josefa de la Garza

Guerra, Jose Ramon and Rosalia de Hinojosa - View Family

Gutierrez, Ignacio and Maria de Hinojosa

Hinojosa, Manuel de and Juana Sanchez

Hinojosa, Manuel de and Maria Ines Chapa - View Family

Hinojosa, Pedro Regalado and Maria de Pena

Isaguirre, Juan Pantaleon and Antonia Ramirez

Landa, Francisco de and Antonia Hinojosa

Lopez, Maria Rita (widow)

Peña, Jose and Ana Lopez

Perez, Diego and Rita Garcia

Ramirez, Cristobal and Maria Matiana de Hinojosa - View Family

Ramirez, Jose and Maria Peña

Ramirez, Pedro and Ines Garcia

Ramos, Juan Antonio and Ana Anzaldua

Recio, Jose Felix (widow)

Saenz, Juan Francisco (single)

Saenz, Miguel and Maria de Hinojosa

Salinas, Javier and Maria Longoria

Vela, Bernardo and Maria Pena - View Family

Vela, Lazaro and Maria Antonia Garcia - View Family

Zarate, Pablo and Juana Bazan