Learn to Read and Transcribe Documents with These Tools and Resources

Reading and transcribing old handwritten documents can sometimes be very hard. Here are a few tools, and resources to help you make this task much more easier.

I will first talk about educating your self with available tools out there since they will make it much easier for you and finally I will tell you about the tools that I use to make it much easier for me to transcribe any document. Of course along the way I will sprinkle some tips as I talk about those two tips.

Educate Yourself

What I mean is that you have to learn about how to read old documents and how to transcribe them. Just to be clear I am talking about old documents written in Spanish since that is all that I deal with. Luckily for you and me there are several great resources out here that I highly recommend that you start with since it will provide you with everything that you need to get started. Below are three resources to help you out...

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