Our monthly meeting's are held the second Sunday of every month at 2:00 pm, except in may and in October. They are held at the Speer Memorial Library located at 801 East 12th Street, Mission, Texas.

They are free and the public is invited to attend.​

These presentations will be recorded and uploaded to the member's area for you to enjoy when ever and where ever you want view them. Uploads will be done within a couple of days after presentation. Become a member today!!!

Meetings and Presentation Dates for 2017

  • 1-10-2016 - "Primeras Familias Pobladoras del Sur de Texas y Norte de Tamaulipas Parte 1" - by Ing. Guillermo Garmendia Leal
  • 2-12-2017 - "Artesanos y constructores de la Arquitectura Norestense" - Architect Carlos Rugerio Cazares
  • 3-12-2017 - "Overview of Ancestry DNA" - Moises Garza
  • 4-9-2017 - "Overview of Family Tree DNA" - Moises Garza
  • 5-7-2017 - "Using DNA to Find the Parents of Maria Felipa Cervera" - by Moises Garza
  • 6-11-2017 - "Overview of 23andme" - by Moises Garza
  • 7-9-2017 - "FamilySearch Indexing" - Rose Munguia
  • 8-13-2017 - "Genealogy: Let's Make History!" - Esther Camacho
  • 9-10-2017 - "What is GEDMatch and How it Can Help You Find Your Ancestors" - Moises Garza
  • 10-15-2017 - “Bringing The Community Together: The Benefits of Social Media and Why You Should Be Using It”. - by Moises Garza
  • 11-12-2017 - "PARES Portal de Archivos Españoles" - Moises Garza

More Details​​

  • 12-10-2017 - "Why you should use a computer program to manage your family tree" - Moises Garza

More Details​​

Meetings and Presentation Dates for 2016

  • 1-10-2016 - "Genealogical Resources for Mier Tamaulipas, Mexico" - by Moises Garza
  • 2-7-2016 - "Jose Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara Uribe, the First President of Texas" - By Antonio Lopez
  • 3-13-2016 - "Soy de Duval" - By Alfredo Cardenas
  • 4-10-2016 - "Overview of and Search Strategies" - by Moises Garza
  • 5-15-2016 - "The Salinas and Saldana Family Tree Website" - by Irma Saldana
  • 6-12-2016 - Greet and Meet Half Year Social and Presentation "Is Your Ancestor Really Your Ancestor? The Importance of Citations" - by Moises Garza
  • 7-10-2016 - "Finding Your Ancestors in the United States Census Records" - by Esther Camacho
  • 8-14-2016 - "The Founding of Mercedes, Texas" - by Author Beatrice de Leon
  • 9-11- 2016 - "Overview of and Search Strategies" - by Moises Garza
  • 10-16-2016 - "American Genealogical Resources to Help you Discover Your Mexican Ancestry" - by Moises Garza
  • 11-6-2016 - "Researching the Marriage Dispensations of the Diocese of Guadalajara" - by Mario Davila
  • 12-11-2016 - Greet and Meet - Yearly Social and Presentation "Backing up and Protecting Your Genealogical Data" - by Moises Garza

Meetings and Presentation Dates for 2015

  • 3-8-2015 - How I used the Church Padrones (Censuses) to break some of my brick walls - by Moises Garza
  • 4-12-2015 - Libro de Matrimonios de Reynosa 1790-1811 - by Author Mario Davila
  • 5-10-2015 - Getting Started With Your Genealogy, "Your First Five Generation Family Tree" . - by Moises Garza
  • 7-12-2015 - Balo's War: A Novel About the Plan of San Diego - by author Alfredo Cardenas
  • 8-9-2015 - "Tools, and Software to Preserve Your Photos and Documents" - Moises Garza
  • 9-13- 2015 - The History of Ciudad Mier - Jimmy Lopez
  • 10-11-2015 - The Origin of the Gonzalez Hidalgo From Cerralvo, N. L. Mexico and Their Journey Crossing the Border - Miguel Angel Gonzalez
  • 11-8-2015 - Beginners DNA Testing for Genealogy and An Introduction to Las Villas del Norte DNA Project - by Moises Garza and Mario Davila
  • Las Villas del Norte Social, Bring in Your Family Trees and Family Books

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Present for Las Villas del Norte

We are looking for Historical and Genealogical presenters. If you would like to be one of our speakers please send us a message through our contact form.

All presenters get a one year complementary membership to Las Villas del Norte and a copy of our most current journal. Also don't forget to ask us about our speaker stipend.​