Recap of “Beginners DNA Testing for Genealogy and Las Villas del Norte DNA Project”

Interest for DNA testing has skyrocketed in the past few years. At the 36th Annual Texas State Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference DNA was a hot topic among attendees. From the many questions that I received DNA was among the top ones. This past weekend I and Mario Davila presented for the Nuevo Santander Genealogical Society out of Laredo Texas and the following day we presented for our genealogy group Las Villas Del Norte in Mission Texas. I did a 48 minute presentation titled "Beginners DNA Testing for Genealogy" and Mario Davila presented his "Las Villas Del Norte DNA Project".

Beginners DNA Testing for Genealogy

In this presentation I talked about the three DNA tests that are available for genealogy and explained the purpose for each of them. I then presented the major companies that provide these tests and gave an overview of each one. Thus providing a good idea of what to expect when you test your DNA for genealogical purposes. I also explained how cousin matching works and at the end I provide tools and resources that can help you get more out of your DNA test. I also talked about my new website DNA Testing for Genealogy HQ.

Las Villas Del Norte DNA Project

Mario Davila introduced his Project Las Villas del Norte DNA Project. He explained why it important that every one tests their DNA. He also mentioned several tools that he is working on that will make it easier to track the x-DNA on your family tree. He mentions that the project is open to everyone and that it is being hosted by Family Tree DNA which means that the only requirement is that you test with Family Tree DNA. He goes on to talk about many other topics involving DNA research.

More on Las Villas Del Norte DNA Project

This project is open to the public and anyone can join. If you already tested with Family Tree DNA please check out our DNA page "Las Villas del Norte DNA Project" for more information and sot that you may join the project.

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