Recap of Presentation Finding Your Ancestors in the United States Census Records

The United States Census Records are vital and or can be key to finding your ancestors. Many of us whom may be from the second to 5th generation born in the United States will find that these records are invaluable.

Luckily for us we have Esther Camacho whom provided us with a ton of valuable and actionable information that we can start to use right away. In my own case, I learned allot about these records and how I can use them to research my wife's family.

She showed us how we can use the Untied States Census Records to find and or locate our ancestors. She also showed us were we can find the Census Records online and she also provided attendees with examples and or stories of how she has used them in her own research.

Something she also talked about were the mortality schedules and the veteran schedules. They are basically census records of people that have died and also of whom was a veteran.

Recap of what she talked about:

  • Texas Political Map from the 1850's to the 1920's
  • Overview of Heritage Quest
  • Warning About Spellings
  • Research Methods to Effectively Locate your Ancestors
  • Starting dates for each Census

Esther talked in detail on the above topics.

Finally, he showed attendees how find ancestors on Heritage Quest and provided examples of research methods.

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Find Your Ancestors in the United States Census Records

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