Recap of Presentation “Primeras Familias Pobladoras del Sur de Texas y Norte Tamaulipas”


Guillermo Garmendia Leal made a great presentation for Las Villas del Norte and here is a short recap of what it was about. Of course if you are a member of Las villas del Norte make sure to watch the full video. Not a member yet? Join today every one is welcomed into our group.

As I just mentioned it was a great presentation that lasted about an hour and a half. Mr. Garmendia started his presentation by talking bout the Indigenous people of the region of Northern Tamaulipas and afterwards went into dept as to why the Mormon Church collects and shares genealogical and historical documents. He talked about the baptisms of the Death as talked in the bible.

He provided great research tips to attendees and then went on to do a historical overview of South Texas and Northern Tamaulipas.

He also presented newly discovered documents mentioning Spaniards in this area as early as the 1580's well over 150 years before Escandon established his settlements. He also mentioned Luis de Carvajal and his efforts to settle the region of South Texas and Northern Tamaulipas by talking about the reconnaissance missions that he did in this region. Gaspar Castano de Sosa is also mentioned as having being in the area enslaving Native Americans.

He then goes on to talk about Jose de Escandon and his efforts to establish Las Villas del Norte. The first Villa Mr. Garmendia talked about was that of Dolores and of it's founder Don Jose Vasquez Borrego and also provided attendees with a descendant report of his descendants.

As I mentioned the presentation was an hour and a half long and due to time constrains in May 7, 2017 Mr. Garmendia will visit us again to finish the second part of his presentation witch is about the remaining Villas del Norte.

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