Recap of Presentation “The Origin of the Gonzalez Hidalgo Family from Cerralvo N. L.”

Here is a short recap of the presentation that Miguel A. Gonzalez did for Las Villas del Norte on October the 11th the Speer Memorial Public Library in Mission Texas.

Mike A. Gonzalez has a passion for genealogy not easily rivaled. His presentation showed us the great love that he has for his family and his family's history. He provided us with an hour and 32 minute presentation where he took us from the most recent generation in his family all the way back to the origins of the Gonzalez Hidalgo in Nuevo Leon.

He also provided us with some of his unpublished research as to were the Gonzalez Hidalgo resided before they arrived in Nuevo Leon. His presentation was packed with family photos and documents to support and prove his lineage. He stressed the importance of citing your sources and finding the original documents.

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The Origin of the Gonzalez Hidalgo Family from Cerralvo N. L.

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