After World War II and thanks to the GI Bill Hispanics were enabled to attend colleges and universities for the first time. In turn we now enjoy benefits and opportunities that were not available for many of our ancestors.

Las Villas del Norte is committed to helping enable the dreams of our future generations and in so we are offering a yearly scholarship.

As a member of Las Villas del Norte you, your children, grandchildren, nephews, and nieces are entitled to apply for our scholarship. Please have them read the following requirements and have them fill out the application below.

Amount of Scholarship Award: $300.00

A student will be awarded $300.00 for tracing four generations (from you to your great-grandparents) of his/her paternal and maternal ancestors and a (500 word or more) written biographical essay about one one of their grandparents.

Student Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicant should be a relative of a Las Villas del Norte Member of two years standing.
  • Applicant should be a senior in an accredited high school or home school program, or be enrolled in college.
  • Applicant Must allow required essay and pedigree chart to be published in the Las Villas del Norte Journal and or our community family tree database;
  • Grade point average is not a factor;
  • Not required to be a United State Citizen; and
  • Must meet all requirements of essay and pedigree chart.

Application Process

  1. All applicants must download the application below or download it here: Application;
  2. Fill in all required information on first page of Application;
  3. Fill in the Pedigree Chart (from you to your great-grandparents) and fill it out as complete as possible. If needed use (free) and or (14 day free trial) to help you find your ancestors birth and death places.
  4. Write a 500-word or more biographical essay on any one of their grandparents.

Applications for Las Villas del Norte Scholarship are to be submitted to Las Villas del Norte preferably by email to and or if needed to mailed to Las Villas del Norte 3014 Gold Ave. Mission, Teaxs 78574.

Download Application

Distribution of Payment:

The winner will receive a check in their mailing address for $300.00 to be used at the students discretion on how to best spend the money towards their education.

Donate To Our Scholarship Fund

If you share our vision of educating our future generations please consider becoming a donor to this great cause.