Presentation: The Founding of Mercedes Texas

Author and Historian Beatrice de Leon will present for Las Villas del Norte about the “Founding of Mercedes, Texas.Mercedes was officially founded on September 15, 1907 to serve as the headquarters of the American Rio Grande Land & Irrigation Company. It serves well as a case study to showcase the great change in the culture […]

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Presentation: Soy de Duval

The blog, Soy de Duval, is mostly a historical account of nineteenth century Duval County. Alfredo tells the story of Duval County from geologic times to about 1900. Occasionally he will have blogs past 1900 and from current happenings in Duval County, but only as they relate to history.While this is not a genealogy blog […]

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Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara

Bernardo Gutierrez de Lara is a Texas hero, but you probably have never heard about him. His name is not mentioned in Texas history classrooms, at least that was my experience. Luckily for us we have Antonio Lopez to tell us more about him. Mr Lopez grew up hearing stories, about Don Bernardo, from his […]

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