Tools, and Software to Preserve Your Photos and Documents

Here is a recap of our latest presentation that happened this past August the 9th. As always I enjoyed presenting to our group and providing them with the tools and software that I use to preserve my own Photos and Documents, plus more. As I tell everyone, I can loose everything but the only thing that I can not ever recover are the photos of my family and the records that have been passed down to me, They are invaluable and irreplaceable.

These Are The Main Topics That I Presented On:

Why Preserve Your Photos and Documents

In this section of my presentation I provide the reasons and obligations that we as family historians have to preserve our history and that of our family for posterity.

How To Preserve Your Photos and Documents

In this section I provide you with an overview of the six things that you can do to preserve your photos and documents.

Organize and Safeguard Them

I provide you with 5 tools and how to use them to organize and preserve your physical photos and physical documents.

Digitizing Your Photos and Documents

I make an argument as to why it is important to digitize your photos and documents and talk about six tools that can help you get the job done.

Sharing the Wealth

In this section I advise on the importance of sharing our records and our photos. I also provide 5 ways to accomplish this.

Donate Them To Archives

I bring up the issue of What if I die? What happens to all my Personal Archives?

Keep Them Safe

In this section I provide you with the different ways to keep both your physical documents and photos safe.

In this final section I make the case of how Ancestry is the ultimate tool to help you preserve your family tree, your photos, and also documents, all for free.

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