Las Villas del Norte 2016 Journal

Las Villas del Norte 2016 Journal

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Table of Contents for This Newsletter:

​Introduction Pg. 1

Biography's Pg. 3

​The Life and Ancestry of Florencia Osio By Anthony Garza Pg. 4

​Lazaro Anzaldua By Fernando Anzaldua Pg. 8

​The Honorable Judge Dario Rigoberto Garcia, Sr., Master Genealogist by Maria Irma Salinas Saldaña and Eddie U Garcia Pg. 17

Ancestor Reports And Pedigree Charts Pg. 24

​Pedigree Chart for Dario Flores Pg. 26

​Pedigree Chart for Hilda Salas Pg. 27

​Pedigree Chart for Moises Garza Pg. 28

​Ancestors of Dario Flores Pg. 29

​Ancestors of Hilda Salas Pg. 37

​Eight Generations of Guerra by Irma Saldana Pg. 49

​Descendant Report on Nicolas Zamora and Maria Ines Mungia By Lina Kitchens Pg. 53

​My Martinez Lines From the Founding of Saltillo to the Cotton Fields of Robstown by Viola Sadler Pg. 54

​Descendancy Chart Juan Francisco Martinez Guajardo to Jose Gil Martinez Pg. 94

​Descendants of Ciracio Osio and Cipriana Reyes By Anthony Garza Pg. 103

​Ancestors of Dario Rigoberto Garcia, Sr. by Maria Irma Salinas Saldaña Pg. 112

​South Texas and North Eastern Mexico Ranches and Schools Pg. 115

​The Founding of Las Escobas Ranch in Starr County, Texas By Maria Irma Saldaña Salinas Pg. 117

​Escuala Faja De Oro (The Belt of Gold School) By Moises Garza Pg. 123

​Personal Journeys And Brick Walls Pg. 127

​How I got Started in Genealogy By Joe Andrade Pg. 129

​Finding My Roots In South Texas By Michelle Hinojosa Melencio Pg. 131

​De La Garza Family Genealogy Book Dedication and Introduction By Rose Puype Pg. 134

​It Only Took Me Ten Years By Moises Garza Pg. 140Last Names Research Pg. 143

​Northern Mexico and Southern Texas CANO Family By Jose Rolando Cano Pg. 145

​DNA Genealogy Reports Pg. 149

​The Y-DNA of Francisco Javier de La Garza By Moises Garza Pg. 151

​Research Transcriptions Pg. 163

​1807 Camargo Muster Roll by Anthony Garza Pg. 165

​The Second Permanent Company of Tamaulipas Stationed in Guerrero in 1828 Transcribed by Moises Garza Pg. 167

​Genealogy Resources Pg. 171

​Genealogy Resources by Lina Kitchens Pg. 173

​DNA Resources Pg. 175

​DNA Resources for Genealogy By Moises Garza Pg. 177

​Available Publications From Las Villas Del Norte Pg. 179

​March 2015 Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 1 Pg. 181

​June 2015 Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 2 Pg. 182

​September 2015 Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 3 Pg. 183

​December 2015 Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 4 Pg. 184

​The 1757 Censuses of Laredo, Dolores, Revilla, Mier, Camargo, and Reynosa Pg. 185

​Get our Publications For Free Pg. 185

​Membership Application Pg. 187

​Membership Application Pg. 189


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