Genealogy: Let’s Make History!



Listen to Esther Camacho present on how to get started in your genealogy and make history in the process. At least history when it comes to your own family.


Power Point Presentation


Esther Camacho

Esther has been doing genealogy research most of her life. She enjoys making presentations and helping others in their own research. She is a reference librarian at the McAllen Public Library.


Genealogy: Let's Make History!

Intro Dialogue (0:08)

Getting Started (3:26)

Basic Rules (9:18)

Types of Documentation (11:17)

Finding Information (18:19)

Apply Critical Thinking Skills (28:19)

Other Sources to Consider (31:13)

Online Resources (33:30)

Things to Remember (36:28)

Last Final Advise (39:40)