Overview of FamilyTreeDNA


Presentation providing a full overview of FamilyTreeDNA. It will provide you with an inside look of what you will get when you test with FTDNA.


Power Point Presentation



Moises Garza

Moises has tested with the major DNA companies and has been doing genetic genealogy since 2015.


Overview of FamilyTreeDNA (FTDNA)

Intro Dialogue (0:00)

Quick  to FamilyTreeDNA (2:16)

The three DNA tests offered by FTDNA (6:16)

Now what? What is your Goal? (12:05)

What you get with their FamilyFinder test (14:12)

What you get with their Y-DNA test (21:54)

What you get with their mtDNA test (27:31)

Your Family Tree at FTDNA (31:40)

My Groups (37:01)

Changing your Settings (38:16)

Questions and Answers (40:04)