Francisco Ignacio Farias and Juana Maria Barrera

Early Settlers of Camargo: Francisco Ignacio Farias and Juana Maria Barrera

One of the early settling families of Camargo, Tamaulipas, Mexico is that of Francisco Ignacio Farias and Juana Maria Barrera. They are listed in the 1750 census of Camargo.

I have yet to find out who were the parents of Francisco Ignacio Farias and Juana Maria Barrera.

Below is a copy of the 1750 census entry and a transcription of it.

Also, here are the names of their children and whom they married to. For more descendants of theirs please visit our Community Family Tree.

Here is their family group and 1750 Census Entry:

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One thought on “Early Settlers of Camargo: Francisco Ignacio Farias and Juana Maria Barrera

  1. Blanca Curl

    Moises, I am not sure how it all happened, but my family has been living at Santa Cruz, which was the Spanish Land grant given to Francisco Farias. We still own most of it . We are the Alvarados, my Olivares, Lopez, Barrera, DelaGarza/Garza, Farias and others are also still there. We are all still using the old Santa Cruz Cemetary. My Grand parents and my Father are buried there. My cousins are living in the exact spot where the original well (now dry) was dug by the original Farias. They are my father’s oldest brother’s children My property is just a field away to the west of the cemetaty. To the south of there about a quarter of a mile is the San Francisco de Los Olivares Cemetary (now Olivares Cemetary) made my Great Grand parents Euogio Olivares and Antonia Lopez, who livd just south of the Alvarado’s There is Olivares, Alvarado, Garza, Mendez folks buried there. Still another 1/2 mile south is El Cementerio La Soledad. many other family members are butied there. My Great Grandfather Florencio Alvarado was moved there after being buried at Santa Cruz because his wife Faustina Garza was laid to rest there and he espressed wishes to be with her. We have roots and history there.
    Blanca Alvarado Curl

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