Jose Joaquin Bazan and Maria Manuela Gonzalez

Early Settlers of Mier: Jose Joaquin Bazan and Maria Manuela Gonzalez

One of the early settling families of Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico is that of Jose Joaquin Bazan and Maria Manuela Gonzalez. In the 1757 census of Mier they are listed as follows; "Joaquin Bazan, casado con Manuela Gonzalez, tres hijos, armas, cuatro caballos y un burro".

The parents of Jose Joaquin Bazan are Jose Bazan and Ana Maria Salinas. I have yet to find who the parents of Maria Manuela Are.

Here are the names of their children and whom they married to. For more descendants of theirs please visit our Community Family Tree.

Here is their family group:

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10 thoughts on “Early Settlers of Mier: Jose Joaquin Bazan and Maria Manuela Gonzalez

  1. Manuel Cavazos (Irma N. Cavazos)

    Moises, I come from Jose Antonio son kf Joze and Anna Maria Salinas Bazan through Jose Antonio Bazan. I come from Jose Antonio married Ma Antonia Vela through Jose Narciso and Ma Anastacia Garza through another Jose Antonio who married Ma Viviana Flores. They had Francisco Bazan married Ma De Jesus Dolores Gonzalez daughter of Jose Manuel Gonzalez and Ma Juana Hinojosa. They were the parents of my great grandmother Ma Antonia who married Ponciano Perez. They had my maternal grandmother Juanita Perez married Vivian DeLuna who wete my mom’s parents. Irma

  2. Yolanda Aleman

    Manuela’s parents are Nicolas Gonzalez and Ana Josefa Garcia. Interesting note is that Nicolas disinherited Manuela because she married a mestizo and not a full Spaniard.

  3. Ninfa A Molina

    Hi, Moises:
    My maternal grandfather, Hipolito Villarreal Maldonado was son to Cenovio Villarreal and Asuncion Maldonado Hinojosa; her parents were Tomas Maldonado Bazan married to Romana Hinojosa; his parents were Ursula Bazan married to Felipe Maldonado; her parents were Jose Narciso Bazan Vela married to Maria Anastacia de la Garza; his parents were Jose Antonio Bazan married to Maria Antonia Vela; his parents were Jose Joseph Bazan married to Ana Maria Salinas. I have Jose Antonio Bazan as brother to Jose Joaquin and Francisco Bazan Salinas.
    What do I have to submit for review for eligibility for the certificate of First Settling Families of Mier?

  4. Ninfa A Molina

    Hello, Irma Cavazos:
    In reading your Bazan Family breakdown, I learned that that is the line you and I are related through. You can see we both share Jose Antonio, as I understood in reading your comment. Now, if I can only find if you have any tie to Manuel Cavazos and Maggie Garza. They were the parents of my 93 year old friend/new DNA cousin. Many of her DNA matches I notice lean towards my maternal grandfather’s, possibly, Bazan line.

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