Las Villas del Norte Newsletter Volume 1 Issue 3 – September 2015

This is the third newsletter for this year. Make sure to download your own copy and save it to your archives.


Table of Contents for This Newsletter:

1 New Members of Las Villas del Norte Pg 2
2 Questions for our Members Pg 3
3 Our Meetings Pg 5
4 Calendar of Future and Past Presentations Pg 6
5 Our Last Three Presentations Pg 7
6 In The Works Pg 8
7 What's New on Las Villas del Norte Website Pg 8
8 From Las Villas del Norte Blog Pg 9
9 Tools and Software to Preserve Your Photos and Documents Pg 9
10 Get Published, Preserve Your Family History and Share Your Knowledge Pg 10
11 The Second Permanent Company of Tamaulipas Stationed in Guerrero in 1828 Pg 11
12 36th Annual Texas State Hispanic Genealogical and Historical Conference Pg 13
13 Established Ranches of La Villa of Camargo by 1757 Pg 14
14 The Mier Church Padrones (Census) Transcription Project Pg 15
15 La Villa de Mier and It’s Ranches 1888 Pg 17

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