Recap of Presentation “Genealogical Resources for Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico”

Mier Tamaulipas has played a very important part in many of our families history. Many generations where born, married, and died in Mier Tamaulipas and it's municipality. I have been researching this area since 1998 and learned a great deal and a wealth of information in regards to the genealogical records that are available for Mier.

This past January the 10th 2016 I presented "Genealogical Resources for Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico".

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Here is a recap of what I covered in this presentation.

Main Topics Covered

The Mier 1767 Jurisdiction

It is imperative to know the past boundaries of the area you are researching

Historical Overview

The history of an area determines and affects where records may be found.

Present Municipality Boundaries

I showed how the present municipal boundary for Mier is half the size of the 1767 boundaries and where records may be found other than Mier.

Internet Resources

Two websites where you will find the major records for Mier.

Chrurch Records

I talked about the different Church records that are available for Mier and were to access them over the internet.

Civil Registration Records

I also talked about the importance of Civil Registry records and where to access them online.

Books of Interest

At last but not least, books that will provide you with records and history for Mier.

Here it is: Genealogical Resources for Mier, Tamaulipas, Mexico

Genealogical Resources for Mier Tamaulipas-Video

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