Recap of Presentation: “Overview of Ancestry DNA”


Genetic genealogy is rapidly becoming a field of interest for Hispanic genealogists, researchers, and family historians. I had the pleasure of presenting for Las Villas del Norte on one of the three major DNA testing for genealogy companies.

This years focus is DNA testing for Genealogy. This is one out of four presentations that will about DNA. They are for anyone that have yet to test, so that they can see what they will get with each company once they test.

I started my presentation with a basic diagram of how ancestry compares and matches your DNA with other people that have also tested.


The first thing I presented was on the basic settings so that members become aware of how to use them. This also provided a chance to show were you can download your Raw DNA Data in case they ever want to transfer their DNA results to Gedmatch.

Ethnicity Estimate

I then moved on to one of the major reasons people test their DNA for and it is their Ethnicity estimates. I provided attendees with an overview of my results and also pointed out important areas to help them best learn their results ans also learn how they are calculated.

DNA Matches

Afterwards, I provided an in-depth review of my very own DNA Matches and showed them where ancestry shows you your centimorgans (DNA measurement) with each of your matches. Also pointed out to where they can learn more about how they are matched with other people. I showed a particular second cousin that I have the same Great grandparents in common with.

DNA Circles

Finally I presented on DNA circles on how they are created, and how they can be used. I pointed out on how to identify whom is related to them and also whom may be part of the group but is related to to other members of the group.

Overall I think the presentation turned out to be great since it is an excellent way to show anyone interested in testing with AncestryDNA of what they can expect to get and also how it can help them in their research.

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