Recap of Presentation “The History of Ciudad Mier” by Jimmy Lopez

Here is a short recap of the presentation that Jimmy Lopez did for Las Villas del Norte on September the 13th at the Speer Memorial Public Library in Mission Texas.

Mr. Lopez started his presentation by letting everyone know that his History of Ciudad Mier was not a version based on research but a version based on what he had learned throughout the years by himself and of what he had heard the older generations talk about Ciudad Mier.

Mr. Lopez talked about the arrival of the Spaniards and then goes on to describe the colonization done by Jose de Escandon. Starting with Camargo and then he talks about the founding of Ciudad Mier. He goes on to explain the motivations that led the first settlers of Mier to abandon Camargo. He briefly touches on many subjects relating to Ciudad Mier, topics such as ranching and also mentions many known community leaders from Hidalgo County of whom their roots are in Ciudad Mier.

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